Help Support the USLUA

The US LHC Users Association, USLUA, continues to enhance scientific participation by the U.S. community of scientists and engineers in the LHC physics program, while highlighting the work of young students, scientists, and engineers engaged in this research. We provide a forum for discussions of US participation in the program, with a focus on helping our community to work effectively with their colleagues at CERN while in the US, and to adapt to work at CERN and to life in the surrounding region. USLUA also provides effective communication channels between scientists working on LHC experiments, the US agencies supporting this research and the US Congress.

As an independent Association, USLUA relies on the contributions of its membership. Please consider making a donation to support our cause, and help us serve you, the US LHC Community.

USLUA is a nonprofit, tax exempt organization recognized under section 501(c)(3) of the US Internal Revenue Code, federal ID #54-1827596.